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What is the Specialty of General Surgery?  

Medicine has changed dramatically since the days of the old fashioned GP (General Practictioner).  More and more physicians have specialized and even super-specialized their practices.  Surgery also has divided into many specialities such as Thoracic (heart and lung), Vascular (blood vessels), Orthopedic (bones, joints), Neurosurgery (brain, spine and nerves), Urology (kidney, bladder and testicles), ENT (ear, nose and throat), Plastic Surgery and Gynecology.

The Specialty of General Surgery remains the special domain of the General Surgeon who sees patients for the diagnosis and treatment of problems involving the abdomen, groin, breast, ano-rectal area, certain neck conditions, enlarged lymph nodes, skin lesions and growths and certain other conditions such as trauma and other injuries. 

Training to become a Specialist in General Surgery require years of additional training beyond that of our non-surgical colleagues.  After medical school, a General Surgeon is required to train five years in a General Surgery residency.  Most General Surgeons then decide to "go into practice".  Others continue on and do additonal training called a Fellowship. While not required, many surgeons then continue their studies and and take certification examinations administered by the American Board of Surgery.  After  successful completion of these tests, the surgeon is now considered to be "Board Certified". In order to remain Board Certified, this examination must be successfully completed at least every 10 years. After many years of practice and demonstration of the highest standards of care and ethics, the surgeon can only then apply to become a Fellow of the Amercian College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.).

fredpix    Assistant Professor of Surgery, Mount Sinai Medical Center 

Fredric David Harris, MD, FACS completed:

Dr. Harris is also a member of many important specialty societies:

Hospital Affiliations:   After more than 25 years of private surgical practice in Manhattan, Dr. Harris has recently brought his years of expertise and quality care to Westchester, New York.  He is now an active member of the Attending Surgical Staff of three major metropolitan Medical Centers, a respected educator with an established office and practices at these sites:

While Dr. Harris cares for all teenage and adult patients within the realm of General Surgery, he has a specific interest in the following routine and complex problems or conditions, focusing on the traditional and minimally invasive treatment of: 

In addition, Dr. Harris sees patients for :

Dr. Harris is available to see Emergencies 24 hours a day.

The office and Dr. Harris accepts most insurance plans, Medicare and Workers' Compensation cases.

Dr. Harris is not part of an impersonal group practice.  He personally interviews, examines and performs your surgery, and provides all post-operative care.

Dr. Harris and his staff are committed and trained to ease your transition into an often otherwise frightening experience of a surgical problem or procedure.

Consultations are never limited by time.  Dr. Harris will spend whatever time is needed by you to diagnose and discuss your condition and answer any questions you may have.

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