Other surgical procedures performed by Dr. Harris:

Dr. Harris routinely cares for patients with abdominal pain.  Right Lower Quadrant (RLQ) abdominal pain is perhaps one of the most common patient complaints leading to a surgical consultation.

The  possibility of appendicitis must always be considered. 

Appendicitis can usually be treated by laparoscopic appendectomy, but occasionally requires use of the open technique. 

History of Appendicitis

-In 1735, Dr. Amyan, an English Army surgeon performed the first recorded appendectomy- and without anesthesia.
-1886, the first description of appendicitis was by a non surgeon, Dr. Reginald H. Fitz, an anatomo-pathologist at Harvard. Reportedly, he recommended early appendectomy for this condition, but was ignored as he was not a surgeon. 
-Late 1890's: First successful open appendectomy for acute appendicitis was performed by Dr. H. Hancock, an English surgeon.
-The first laparoscopic assisted appendectomy was performed by Dr. DeKok in 1977.
-In 1983, the first completely laparoscopic appendectomy was performed by Dr. Semm, a German Gynecologist.

The incidence of acute appendicitis in Americans and other Western countries is about 7% over their lifetime.